Parents and teachers believe that books are an excellent way to teach certain children, while other students prefer practical ways of learning. In such cases, chemistry kits are a good example. These kits are safe and structured. At a young age, they can perform experiments. Children like to perform experiments practically. This chemistry kit from E-Kali is designed in such a way that scientific concepts are taught in an interesting way.


How science kits help children? What is chemistry? You may be wondering how experiments can be performed easily at home.

You might have lot of questions running in your mind, what exactly is the science kit? What is the use of science kit?

Kids will be bored at home, especially on weekends or vacations. Instead of giving them smart phones or other gadgets, give them a chemistry experiment kit.

Science itself sounds interesting and innovative. In science, there is a lot to learn. As a result, now that education has gone beyond books and classes, Chemistry experiment kits are innovative kits that are designed exclusively to blend education and fun. There will be a lot of fun in learning chemistry.


You mix a bunch of ingredients, and once in a great while chemistry happens“.

So what does the Chemistry kit contain?

  • A composition of chemicals and equipment suited for kids aged 6 to 12 years. You can perform 40 exciting experiments using them.
  • Step-by-step instructions are illustrated with images. The Instruction Manual is available in 6 languages and can be downloaded from our website here.
  • Chemistry kits are safe and structured.
  • Equipment is safely and neatly packaged.
  • The chemicals in this kit are nontoxic.
  • We need 30-60 min to perform each experiment.

Some of the most loved Experiments falls under these categories:

  • Explosive science
  • Colour & crystal science
  • Glow in the dark science
  • And many more……..

Curiosity Behind Chemistry kit:

E-Kali is giving you a golden opportunity, so grab it soon and help your kid become innovative. As parents, it’s important for us to ensure that our kids get the required exposure to science concepts at an early age. Every child will have the potential to become a scientist. In particular, kids will have a lot of fun learning chemistry.

They would love to see how exactly water fireworks work and how we can make an Oobleck at home. They will be eager to see the chemical reaction taking place when vinegar and baking soda mix. There might be a lot of questions running in their tiny minds as to what gas might be released which fills the balloon. Like this, you can find more fun-filled and innovative and interesting experiments in these science kits.

Uses of Chemistry Kit:

  • The science kits help you spend quality time with your kids, and you can discuss the science behind each experiment.
  • These kits help your kids to ask plenty of questions and emphasise scientific facts in everyday life.
  • The chemistry kit allows kids to form strong bonds with you while also having fun.
  • These kits make learning fun while also aiding your child in remembering what they have learnt and developing a positive attitude towards learning.
  • Children can be familiar with chemistry.
  • Children can learn how different coloured crystals are created.
  • Nurture a love for science in your child.
  • Encourage your kids to ask plenty of questions.

We love to see kids as future scientists. In the future, we hope to see better scientists, engineers, and doctors.



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