How science kits help children? What is Physics? You may wonder how science experiments can be performed easily at home.

You might have lot of questions running in your mind, what exactly is the science kit? What is the use of science kit?

Kids will be bored at home, especially on weekends or vacations. Instead of making them play with a gadget, gift them with a physics experiment kit.


Science itself sounds interesting and innovative. In science, there is a lot to be learned. As a result, education has gone beyond books and classes. Physics experiment kits are innovative kits that are designed to learn about light and sound. Physics tells us how light and sound work around us.

“Physics teaches people to accept the Reality with AWE and admiration not to mention the amazement and joy that come with it“.


Physics is involved in daily activities. Physics is the study of matter, energy, and their interactions, which improves our understanding of the physical world’s laws and norms. E-Kali’s physics kits are a good start for this exploration. These kits are secure and well-organised. Kids can conduct experiments even at the early age of 5 with supervision from parents. Children like to learn in a hands-on manner rather than in a theoretical style. The E-Kali physics kit is made in such a manner that fundamental topics of light and sound are covered in a creative and entertaining manner.

So, what does the E-kali Physics Kit contain?

  • A suitable composition of components suited for 5–8-year-olds
  • It has 10 exciting experiments.
  • The manuals include detailed step-by-step instructions with images.
  • What’s more, our Instruction Manual is available in 6 languages and can be downloaded from here
  • Physic kits are safe and structured.
  • Equipment is safely and neatly packed.
  • We need 30–60 min to perform each experiment.

There are two exciting categories of experiments in this kit:

  • Light
  • Sound

Curiosity Behind Physics kit:

Every kid will have the potential to become a scientist. Kids will be curious to listen to the heartbeat. Children’s play acting as doctors makes them happy. By using simple materials, they can make a stethoscope. Kids will be happy when they come to know that cups can create sound waves and can make homemade telephones just by sitting at home.