What if Your Child Does Not Have Any Talent?

More often than not, parents tend to discuss about their kids’ talent in their friends circle. They want to say good things about their child’s progress and feel good about it. One of the reasons why some parents send their kids to several extra-curricular trainings like Dance, Music, Art or Sports is to help them identify what kind of talent do they have.

But what if your child does not perform in any of them?

Is he/she the odd one out? Definitely not. Theoretically it may be wrong to say that someone has no talent as we recognise that everyone has some talent or the other. But let’s say that our child’s talent is not seen early in the childhood. How should you see this situation?

Think of your workplace. Out of 100 colleagues of yours how many take the stage when there is a cultural event? 10? 15? 20? That’s it. That doesn’t mean the other 80+ people are not good at anything. It is just that they are good at some other things than performing on the stage.

Why are some kids identified as “talented” at a very young age?

First of all, I feel, talent is overrated. It is the ability (just like skin) that comes by birth; and without nurturing, it is a waste. On the contrary, I observe that people with low-or-no talent but with good discipline and consistent practice can achieve amazing things.

I tell this to my kids very often; talent is 1%, hard work is 9%, the rest of 90% is just consistency in doing what you are doing. If you constantly work towards something, there is no way you cannot achieve it. If some one is more talented than you, then she is just 1% better by birth.

We must note that there are a million things on earth that one can do with zero talent and still make a great life out of it. I remember a lot of friends from my childhood, whose talents were then highly regarded, who are now living an ordinary life compared to many silent killers who waited for their turn to grow up and show what they can do by being disciplined at work.

What can parents do to instil such a balanced view among kids?

    • Appreciate them for what they do without any bias
    • Stop comparing with other talented kids
    • Kids who are disciplined deserve the same recognition as kids who dance or sing
    • Help them set goals and track to achievement
    • Teach them to be consistent in doing simple things they do

Lastly, teach them how to be happy in life.

– Vallish Kumar S

The views expressed in this article are solely those of the authors and they do not represent the views of e-kali.



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