Unit 1

A Tiger in the house

New words :

abandoned: left completely and forever
veterinarian: doctor trained to treat sick animals
expedition: a journey for a certain purpose
tempting: attracting
mongrel: a dog whose parents were of different breeds
spring: move quickly, jump
ridiculously: funny; absurd
absurd dashes: a sudden quick run that looked funny
amusement: something that Timothy enjoyed doing
crafty look: cleverly deceitful look
retriever: middle-sized hunting dog
gave a wide: stayed at a safe distance
berth prophetic: manner of saying things in advance
frenzied: here, extremely disturbed
stalk: follow quietly as if hunting
had been: having been put under restriction
interned (v) snarled: showed the teeth and made a deep angry noise in the throat alarm: fear testily: impatiently realized: understood and believed increasing: more and more liking relish scornful look: the look of disrespect