Thank Your Parents Specially, if You Are a Sports Journalist

Today 2nd July 2021, is Sports Journalist Day. This is a special day to observe achievers in sports journalism. In India, like most developing economies, parents prefer their children to be taking up education that leads to higher paying jobs and offers more career opportunities. Unlike millennial parents, it was rare that parents a few decades ago would support their child’s dream to pursue sports. If you grew up in that age and you are a sports journalist, then you have taken a less travelled route and succeeded. Most of you may extend a special thanks to your parents.


What do Sports Journalists Do?

Sports Journalism is a form of writing that reports on matters pertaining to sporting topics and competitions. There are many different forms of sports journalism ranging from play-by-play and game recaps to analysis and investigative journalism on important developments in the sport. This requires tireless pursuance of gathering knowledge, following events, developing writing skills and networking at the right forums.


Language is the key to Journalism

For a Sports Journalist, knowledge about sports and articulation are both equally important. Unfortunately both sports and language learning have received lower encouragement in the past. Most kids in the past used to take up tuitions for Science and Math, no matter how bad they did with languages. The effort to enhance the linguistic abilities in children has always been a secondary preference for parents compared to subjects like Math.This is primarily because Science and Math scores are qualifiers for higher education opportunities like Medical or Engineering which are seen as highly paid jobs. To pursue a career as a journalist, language is a key skill. Be it writing articles or speaking at a forum – language skills are primary.


Parents are realising the importance of Language Learning

At e-Kali we observe that there is an increase in parents’ interest in enrolling kids for language classes. We have equal enrollments for language classes and core subjects. Helping kids better at languages helps their cognitive development.

At E-kali we are not just teaching Science & Mathematics but also assist in improving one’s language reading, writing and communication skills by identifying student’s strengths and working on them personally by giving one-on-one mentoring so that they feel comfortable in using the language and on top of it help them to build their careers based on it.


E-Kali offers wide variety of courses for all career aspirants

Like we have Science, Commerce and Arts, we also teach sociology, economics, business studies, commerce, humanity, psychology and all language courses along with science & maths.

We hope to see better artists, writers and journalists along with good engineers and doctors in future. If you have already been a Sports Journalist, then don’t forget to thank your parents for being ahead of time in helping you embrace a modern career opportunity.

Once again wishing all Sports Journalists and their Proud Family for giving these professionals to the world.

Happy World Sports Journalists Day 



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