“Study the past if you would define the future.” – Confucius
Before any straws of Science, Maths, and Technology the society was set up, and language came into existence and then social behavior, norms, civilization was emphasized. This simple thought shows the importance of knowing Social Science also called as Social Studies. The detailed study of society’s history, geography, political practices, and economy along with its lifestyle and culture can be learned through social science. To know a nation’s past, to estimate the future, understand physical features, and economic conditions, we should learn social science. The subject though is optional in higher studies, in initial stages it is compulsory because what students study in the classroom applies the same in the society as responsible citizens by performing their duties. It is also essential because all the competitive exams focus on historical concepts and current affairs.
Social Studies is a discipline that includes subjects like History, Geography, Civics, Economics, Political Science, and the syllabus for this can be seen as following:
  • Primary School- Class 3 & 4 includes few important and popular topics like:-Universe, Earth, Globe, Maps, World, Different States, and Cities of India, etc
  • Higher Primary School -Class 5, 6 & 7 includes few important and popular topics like:-Ancient Indian Kings & Kingdoms, Rise of New Religions, Indian Freedom Struggle, Independence, Our Constitution, Our Karnataka, etc
  • High School- Class 8, 9 & 10  includes few important and popular topics like- Greek, Roman, American civilization, Business & Industry, India- Population, Climate,  Democracy, Natural Vegetation, Wildlife, People, Poverty, Food, Politics, etc
Course roadmap
  • Our classes include: a) Regular tuitions covering all the above concepts for the complete academic year and b) Crash Course are conducted for the same
  • The course of 3months, 6months, and one academic year available 
  • One-on-one mentoring with personalized attention 
  • Comprehensive notes are provided and chapter-wise tests are conducted
  • Performance assessments conducted
  • Study tips and tricks will be shared
  • Our ultimate goal is to make our students masters of their respective subjects, we not only teach but we motivate our students to learn how to excel in their academics


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