Sanskrit Classes

Why learn Sanskrit?
The word Sams-krita” means “completely-made”. By studying Sanskrit, other languages can be learnt more easily, this being the language all others borrow from fractionally. Sanskrit stands out above all other languages for its beauty of sound, precision in pronunciation and reliability as well as thoroughness in every aspect of its structure. This is why it has never fundamentally changed, unlike all other languages. It has no need to change being the most perfect language of Mankind ever.


E-Kali is specialised in one-on-one Science classes for students from Class 4 to Class 12 – ICSE, CBSE, State board

E-Kali has following Courses:

1. Full year Course:

a) School Curriculum Based: Complete Academic Year Long Course- Regular Tuitions designed to cover the entire syllabus as per the school board( ICSE, CBSE, State board) for their grade for bringing maximum performance from a child for the final exams.

b) Customisation of Curriculum: You can build and customize the curriculum according to your requirements. If a student is in Class 8 and wants to learn basic mathematics concepts of class 5, 6 and 7 for the required amount of the duration, our team of dedicated teachers will work on it and teach them the same. 

2. Crash Course: Crash courses are rapid and intense classes for someone who wants to cover the complete academic syllabus of 1st language, 2nd language and 3rd language – English or Kannada or Hindi or all 3 subjects of their grade thoroughly in a very short amount of time.

3. Foundation/ Bridge Course: Revision classes

Course roadmap:-
● One-on-one mentoring with personalized attention
● Course of 3months, 6months and one academic year available
● Comprehensive notes provided and chapter wise tests are conducted
● Performance assessments conducted
● Study tips and tricks will be shared.

Our ultimate goal is to make our students masters of their respective subjects, we not only teach but we motivate our students to learn how to excel in their academics.





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