The Tiger in the Tunnel


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As the train entered the cutting, the engine whistled once, loud and piercingly. The tiger raised his head, then slowly get to his feet. He found himself trapped like the man: Flight along the cutting was impossible. He entered the tunnel, running as fast as his wounded leg would carry him. And then, with a rear and a shower of sparks, the train entered the yawning tunnel..

For decades now, Ruskin Bond has been charming us with his captivating stories about life in the hills. For this collection, India’s favorite storyteller has rummaged through his archives and fished out a compilation of some of the pithiest short stories written on Indian wildlife

From tigers, elephants, mongooses and leopards to jackals, panthers, snakes and cats-Bond covers them all, humble and mighty, in this collection. Bringing together the finest writing by authors such as Rudyard Kipling, G.A. Kincaid, John Eyton and Hugh Allen among others, this collection will enchant as only Bond can!



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