Ruskin Bond – Legends of the Hill



“Unable to stand the whole weary and sordid business, Mr. Fennimore hit upon a solution. Loading his revolver, He moved to his wife’s bedside and shot her through the head !

It is the many myths and legends that make a place interesting. With the beautiful tales of nature’s gifts, there exist stories of nature’s wrath. There exist stories of spooky, haunted houses and of forests where ghosts dwell. There will be naysayers who will deny the existence of the paranormal, but it is the mystery of the unknown that attracts a traveler to a destination.

In Legends of the Hill, Ruskin Bond puts together a selection of stories and personal essays that take us into this world of the unknown that lives among the majestic hills, From girl who disappear from dilapidated train stations and murder mysteries that remain unsolved, to lovers who live on as ghosts a world of intrigue awaits!



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