Ruskin Bond A Murder in Mussoorie and Other Tales



Dear Doyle,

There has been a murder in India… A murder by suggestion at Mussoorie, which is one of the most curious things in its line on record. Everything that is improbable, and on the face of it impossible, is in this case!
September 1911. The sleepy little hill-town of Mussoorie-British in its garb and Indian in its soul-is jolted out of its reverie by a mysterious murder. A woman is found dead in her bed, her body laid out perfectly, and the door locked from inside. Sundry suspects and sensational speculations about black magic and crystal-gazing abound, but no one has been able to identify the murderer. Outgrowing the small town, the story travels all the way to faraway London, and catches the fancy of the master of mysteries, Arthur Conan Doyle…


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