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Decode the insecurities, dilemmas and interests of teenagers in order to understand them better

Children are the biggest stress busters, bringing happiness and meaning into our lives. We stretch our time, attention and wealth in an effort to bring them up as worthy individuals. But just when we begin to revel in the camaraderie we share with our growing child, teenhood strikes!
Suddenly, all the laughter and banter in the house get replaced by unwarranted outbursts, tears and verbal duels. Teenage can be demanding both for children, who experience all kinds of physical and emotional changes, as well as for parents who find themselves dealing with constant authority challenges and indifference.
This book focuses on ways to get inside the minds of teenagers in order to help them navigate the rough waters of teenhood effectively. Instead of archaic perceptions of parenting, it draws from real-life anecdotes, interactions with parents, teachers, counsellors and spiritual leaders, and addresses teenage issues like peer pressure, gadget addiction, underage drinking, exam stress, anger, complacency and privacy, to name some.
Armed with a better understanding of teenage, Paren TEEN helps parents make friends for life’ of their teens.


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