54 Reasons Why Parents Suck


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How do you like your mom? Is she perfect

I like her. But nobody is perfect.” Tell us one thing that you don’t like in her as a parent.” “Oh! I could write a book!’
“And that was the beginning of this unique writing project between mother and her daughter. In this unconventionally written book, author is a sixteen year old who puts down her thoughts and creates manifesto on how parents should ideally behave. Yes, you read it right-how parents should behave. Interestingly, she points out some common characteristics of parents as seen from a child’s perspective, thereby holding a mirror up to them which should make any parent pause to take stock:
Parents value obedience from children more than the children themselves.
• Parents remember themselves as being exemplary children, in hindsight.
Parents preach politeness yet lose it at traffic signals. • Indian parents are platinum members of the ’emotional club’, experiencing an extra dose of fear, anger, sadness and loneliness and, of course, happiness for everything even remotely linked to their offspring
A tongue-in-cheek take on things parents should and should not do, this book will leave you with one big reason to look at yourself all over again and understand what goes wrong and why.


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