Orbiter is an initiative by E-Kali to promote discussion forums for kids in an informal and interactive way.
Play as you learn! That is why we take great pleasure in creating the best educational activities for kids. Hands-on learning is a fun way for children to understand, memorize, and process information. Children can communicate with one another, and express and share their opinions. We start by assisting children in learning new topics and allowing them to conduct experiments on their own. Place the textbook aside and engage in some play-based learning. We know that learning through experiments helps children remember it longer, absorb it completely, and have more fun. We conduct these events at community centers and educational institutions. Creative activities encourage your children’s natural curiosity while also allowing them to go on their own journey of exploration, discovery, and growth.

Past Event

Amruthnagar Government School Event

Amruthnagar Government School Event The E-Kali 5th orbiter event was conducted at Amruthnagar Government School. We were amazed to see the responses from all the kids; they were all happy to perform...

Government School, Vidya Nagar

Government School, Vidya Nagar When children are inspired to engage, they learn in a pleasing way. Learning becomes a burden when they are bored. How great would it be if you could open up this type...

Vidyanikethan Public School Event

Vidyanikethan Public School Event The E- Kali orbiter conducted a fantastic event at Vidyanikethan Public School ,Vidyanagar on 30th July @ 10:30 AM. Children participated actively in conducting...

Sacred Heart High School event

Sacred Heart High School The E-Kali orbiter event  was conducted on June 15, 2022 at Sacred Heart Higher Primary School (Hesarghatta). Children participated actively in conducting experiments with our...

JanaPriya Event

Jana Priya Heaven E- Kali orbiter conducted a fantastic event at Jana Priya Heaven Yelahanka on 21st May @ 9: 30 AM. There was no registration at the beginning of the event. Later the day before the...


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