One Skill That Your Child Should Master in 2022

A few months back my son was diagnosed to be slightly obese. It happened at a time when the state level Karate championship was nearing. He couldn’t be nominated without regaining his fitness.

For a 10 year old, this was a very difficult situation to deal with.  He, like million other kids in the world, was a victim of 2020-21 lockdown rest. With minimal or no physical activity he was turning sloppy. It was at this time he needed us to jog with him than offering advise.

4 months later, he shined not just as a State Level Gold medalist but also as a Silver & Bronze winner at National Level Championship.

How did this happen?

Children generally are clueless about what they should do and why they should do it. One should be really lucky to have good advisors early in their life. Hence by just keeping children disciplined and keen towards learning, childhood turns into a fertile land to grow the virtues that aid achievement. But considering one is disciplined and consistent, what would they persevere towards if they don’t have a goal?

One skill that your child should master in 2022

If our children have to be successful in achieving whatever they want to achieve, then they should learn to set goals and working towards them. Setting and Achieving goals could be quite daunting but, when done well, can give astounding results.

At least two thirds of professionals across all professions, who have worked equally hard, would wonder what their other third did to rise above the bar. Every achiever would pursue their targets and achieve them. It is just that virtues like the right temperament needs to be practised. When else apart from childhood can be better to practise it?

Here are some simple ideas for teaching goal setting to kids:

A. Help your kid set one or two small goals (for one to three months) and write them on a paper. Some examples of such goals can be:

     * Finish reading a book
     * Doing a science experiment
     * Cycling everyday to reach xxx steps
     * Participating in a contest

B. Help them break the journey down into smaller milestones and make notes.

     * For reading a book, it can be pages per day
     * For a science experiment, you need to buy a kit, read instructions, then list steps to doing the project
     * For passing an exam, it could be reading the syllabus, revising, mock exam etc.

C. Track progress towards achieving the goal periodically. If you frequently track the progress it helps you stay focussed.

As a parent you may have to do a bit of hard work beyond advising or guiding:

The best way to get your kid to learn habits is to demonstrate. Start taking up goals for yourself – personal or professional – and discuss them with your child. Track your progress as you would do for them. Retrospect every month about the work you have done. 

When you achieve a goal, reward yourself.

Show your child what it takes to achieve goals in life. Let them practise it whenever they wish to achieve something.

– Vallish Kumar S

The views expressed in this article are solely those of the authors and they do not represent the views of e-kali.



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