How I Explained to My Child That the Movie Was Not for His Age

A couple of weeks back I was talking to a friend of mine about the movie 300 and my son was listening to our conversation. The movie 300 is an inspiring and enthralling story of King Leonidas, who leads 300 Spartans into battle against the Persian “God-King” Xerxes and his invading army of more than 300,000 soldiers.


My son wanted to watch a movie that was not appropriate for his age

My son, a 10-year-old boy, curiously asked “Shall we watch that movie on Amazon Prime today? 

The movie is rated 18+ and contains sexual content, violence and use of foul language– not suitable for kids. At first I wondered how I will find a way to explain to him why it was not suitable for him. Then I found a fantastic analogy to explain this concept to him and got into a conversation.

Me: That movie is not for kids.

Son: Why not? Is it scary? I don’t get scared. 

Me: It’s not just about being scared. Ok, let me ask you this question. When your younger brother was born, for the first six months he was fed with milk and nothing else, remember? 

Son: Yes, and he was not able to digest even that sometimes.

Me: Correct, now think about feeding Chapathi or bisibele bhath to a 6 months baby. Do you think it is a good idea?

Son: Oh no! not at all. He doesn’t have the teeth to chew and stomach to digest.

MeExactly! Just like how food is processed in the stomach, information is digested in the mind. When a movie is said to be 13+ or 18+ it means that a child younger than that cannot digest the information and will suffer if they do. So, it is good for your mind that you don’t watch such a movie.

Son: (Nodded convincingly)

This is not a child lock on our personal TV, but a lock built into their minds that they can easily pass on to others.

Even some 5 mins craft videos are not appropriate for kids

5mincraft concept video is a huge hit on YouTube. I and my wife were once browsing through some 5mincraft videos. After watching a series of videos as suggested in related videos section, we found that there were video suggestions in the related videos section that were not appropriate for kids. This was a shocker to us as a lot of content otherwise was made for kids.

During the pandemic several parents resorted to mobile games to keep their children indoors. This increased the screen time for kids and the probability of accessing content that may not be appropriate for them. 

To reverse this phenomenon is going to take longer. Instead, you can try these tips to ensure that your kids are not exposed to inappropriate content on the internet:

  1. Do not buy them separate mobile phones until a certain age; instead let them use your phone.
  2. Don’t make them hide from you when they use the mobile. Have conversations with your kid about what games they played on mobile and what they have learnt through those games. 
  3. If your child comments on issues inappropriate for their age, do not shun them. Instead gently explain to them why such conversations should NOT be had with others and only with you (parent). It is even more fatal if they stop sharing such matters with you. Find the source from which they are getting exposed to matters inappropriate to their age and try to distance them. Engage in conversations that are appropriate to their age. That would be a good example to set.
  4. Use the “Child safe” mode or “Parental controls” on app / device for better filtering.

Even some 5 mins craft videos are not appropriate for kids

Most of the apps like YouTube & Amazon have parental controls that can simply be switched on or a separate profile can be created for kidsThese settings can also be made at a device level that filters content that contains nudity or disturbing visualsthat are inappropriate for kids.

– Vallish Kumar S

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