DIY Science kits

Experiments that teach basic physics principles.

Children aged 5+ years old can perform these science experiments.

It includes all of the supplies needed to conduct experiments.

The kit includes an instruction manual on how to perform all experiments.

User manual is also available in 4 Indian languages and can be downloaded from the website.

Totally Secured and Structured.

How would
science kits help ?

Science itself sounds interesting and innovative. In science, there is a lot to learn. As a result, now that education has gone beyond books and classes, experiment kits are innovative kits that are designed exclusively to blend education and fun. There will be a lot of fun in learning science.

DIY Chemistry Kit

Our science kits encourage children to explore scientific principles, ask questions, and form strong bonds. The chemistry kit combines learning and fun, helping children retain knowledge and develop a positive attitude towards education. The kits, featuring explosive science, color & crystal science, and glow in the dark science, aim to inspire future scientists, engineers, and doctors.

Use of our Curious Kids Chemistry Kit

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NGO & CSR Team who have purchased DIY kits


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NGO & CSR Team who have purchased DIY kits


DIY Physics Kit

The physics kits provide a comprehensive introduction to the study of matter, energy, and their interactions, enhancing understanding of the laws governing the physical world. With 10 experiments, detailed step-by-step instructions, and a thoughtfully packed kit, children can explore two categories: Light and Sound, ensuring safety and structure in each 30–60 minute experiment.

Use of our Curious Kids Chemistry Kit



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