Celebrations on, as E-kali Completes One Year

A happy moment to cherish as e-kali completes one year.

The pandemic has transformed the decades-old, chalk–talk teaching model into a tech-soft teaching model, one driven by technology. This disruption in the delivery of education is pushing institutions/companies/startups to figure out how to drive engagement at scale while ensuring inclusive e-learning solutions and tackling the digital divide.

What came to our mind in 2020?

It is now clear that tech-based learning solutions are the future of education; what was optional before the pandemic has rapidly transformed into a required component of the blended model of future schooling, where learning would happen at physical schools and over digital mediums as well.

With the EdTech wave fast-penetrating into the Indian education system, it is time to evaluate the effectiveness of online teaching methods. E-Schools have an opportunity to supplement conventional education methods, thereby providing equity for those students whose needs are not fulfilled by the latter. The fundamental principles adopted by e-kali are aligned to this cause.

I am excited and proud of the fact that we have always aligned to our core values and have never seen a dip in any of our impact metrics in the last one year. 

What came to our mind in 2020?

At e-kali we follow 3 fundamental principles:

  • Ensure Student-Teacher Compatibility
  • Provide Individual Attention
  • Set Realistic Expectations

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We believe that teacher-student compatibility is crucial for learning to be effective. One-to-one sessions at e-kali provide students the environment to fearlessly ask questions without the risk of being judged by peer learners. We work closely with parents to be able to partner with them in providing a safe, interesting, and valuable learning experience for the child.

Our Team and Workflow

e-kali was started by a group of like-minded family and friends who were all connected to the field of education in some way. e-kali is driven by a passion to continue this tradition of education in the online format as well, along with these individuals from various walks of life and vivid experiences. e-kali consists of a diversified team of experts with experience and sound knowledge in the fields of Information Technology, Education, Pedagogy, and Business. Meet e-kali team.

Our team of highly qualified, dedicated, enthusiastic teachers with versatile knowledge motivates and inspires students while responding to their needs and abilities is the true reason for our success. Please watch free demo classes of our teachers

Why kids love e-kali?

We have completed 1500+ one-to-one learning sessions. Our services have been very well received by our students. Their testimonials say:

  • e-kali has given new hope of learning,
  • Helped to develop and enhance understanding skills
  • Encouraged students to understand the concepts instead of mugging up
  • Awakens the confidence within the student

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What’s coming up next?

We are planning to add new programs to enhance our offerings in the months to come. Stay tuned to our updates on Social Media:

You are the best decision-maker for your kid’s future! We are here to promise a partnership between you and e-kali that provides a safe, interesting, and valuable learning experience.

To enroll your kid to e-kali go ahead and book a free demo for your child today.

If you are thinking of us, let’s discuss it together

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