Tiger in the House

Unit 1 A Tiger in the house New words : abandoned: left completely and forever veterinarian: doctor trained to treat sick animals expedition: a journey for a certain purpose tempting: attracting mongrel: a dog whose parents were of different breeds spring: move quickly, jump ridiculously: funny; absurd absurd dashes: a sudden quick run that looked […]

Management of Natural Resource

Chapter 16 Management of natural resources  Intext questions Page no 269 1. What changes can you make in your habits to become more environment-friendly? Ans: Following are the changes that we should make in our habits to become more environment friendly Stop wastage of water. For example, turn off the tap while brushing teeth, repair leaked taps immediately. […]

Pollution of Air

Chapter 18 Pollution of air and water  Tick the correct answers 1. Which gas can kill a person when inhaled in excess? Carbon dioxide Carbon monoxide Oxygen Sulphur dioxide 2. The problem caused by the inhalation of dust particles of air is ________________ Irritation of eyes Respiratory problem Bronchitis Brain damage 3. Ultraviolet radiations coming […]

Improvement In Food Resources

Chapter 15 Improvement In Food Resources  Intext Questions and Answers Page #2041. What do we get from cereals, pulses, fruits, and vegetables? Ans: Cereals give carbohydrates which provide energy. Pulses give proteins which build our body. Vegetables and fruits provide vitamins and minerals. Page #205 1. How do biotic and abiotic factors affect crop production? […]

Fibre To Fabric

Chapter 3 Fibre to fabric I. Tick the correct option  1. Which of the following is obtained from the stem of a plant? (a) Jute (b) Cotton (c) Wool (d) Polyester 2. The process of fibers from cotton balls into cotton fabric has the following sequence. (a) Ginning knitting weaving (b) Ginning spinning weaving (c) […]

Fundamental Unit Of Life

Chapter 5 Fundamental Unit Of Life Intext questions Page # 59 1. Who discovered cell and how? Ans: Robert Hooke discovered cell.  He observed a thin slice of Cork under primitive microscope and observed small compartments which named as cells. 2. Why is the cell called the sitter and functional unit of life? Ans: All living organisms are made […]

Is Matter Around Us Pure

Chapter 2 Is Matter Around Us Pure Intext Question Page No 15 1. What is meant by a substance?Ans:  A pure substance is made up of only one kind of particle that is atom or molecules in substance all the particles or the same in their chemical nature. 2. List the points of difference between homogeneous […]

Sources of Food

Chapter 1 Sources of food I. Tick the correct option  1) Which one of the following is not prepared from milk?(a) butter(b) cheese(c) oil (d) curd 2) The________ is an edible part of potato plant. (a) leaf (b) root (c) stem (d) fruit 3) We can sprout seed in ___________ (a) rocks (b) water (c) oil (d) […]

Matter in our surroundings

Chapter 1 Matter in our surroundings Intext questions and answers Page no 3: 1) Which of the following are matter: chair, air, love, smell, hate, almonds, thoughts, cold drink, the smell of perfume? Ans: Anything which occupies space has mass and can be felt by any one of five senses is called matter. Therefore chair, […]

10th Science – Sources of Energy

Chapter 1 Sources of energy NCERT in-text questions Page no 243  1) What is a good source of energy? Or list any three parameterson the basis of which a source of energy can be categorized as a good source of energy.Ans: A source of energy can be called a good source of energy if : It provides a large amount of work per unit volume […]